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GIJE (Land) Academy


The GIJE (Land) Academy is a land-based, experiential, and culturally immersive program. It honours Indigenous knowledge and ways of being and doing to provide students with a safe, holistic, and identity affirming education while offering credits towards their graduation. This is achieved through engaging and relevant learning opportunities. The course provides a strengths- based approach with exposure to broad experiences while creating space for individual student gifts, interests, and mastery as a way to build students sense of belonging, identity, and success.


The GIJE (Land) Program is offered and administered through Brooks Secondary (Ƶ) with full collaboration, support, and guidance by Tla'amin Nation. VIU (tiwšɛmawtxw campus) provided substantial funding to support the start of the program.


For more information, 

If you're interested in taking any of the available courses, please fill out this application and send it to our District Principal of Indigenous Education, Jessica.Johnson@sd47.bc.ca




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