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School Registration

Hello, bonjour, and ʔaǰɛčxw ʔot 

We are excited to welcome you to Ƶ! Registrations for the 2024/2025 school year for K-12 students, including French Immersion, are NOW OPEN! 

Please note that Ƶ is using the  online registration process for students and therefore will not be accepting paper applications. Directions to help guide you in setting up your account can be found further down below.

What is MyEdBC? The MyEd BC Student Family Portal is another way in which students and their family can access information about their educational program.


Important to note: 

You must be on a laptop, computer, or iPad in order to create an account. Phones will not let you.

Registration information for K-12 students who are new to Ƶ or wishing to transfer to a school within our district for the 2024/2025 school year:

For Parents of K-12 French Immersion Students

French Immersion registration is now open. Priority will be given to those who apply before February 23rd, 2024; however, we welcome families to apply at any time throughout the year, contingent upon space availability (only available at James Thomson Elementary and Brooks Secondary).

For Parents of K-12 English Students

All other English stream grades are now open with preference for school choice (dependent on space) being given to those who register prior to March 29th, 2024. 

For Parents of K-12 Partners In Education Students

Partners In Education Program (PIE) K-12 Provincial Online Learning School registration form for all programs: PIE Enrollment Form

Student registration in Ƶ is governed by Administrative Procedures 300 and 305,  and . 

If you are unsure which elementary school is considered to be your catchment area school, you can review the catchment area boundaries here.

Please note that if you are considering a school outside of your catchment area, you are not eligible for transportation or transportation assistance. Please visit our Transportation page for related information including eligibility criteria, and information regarding the annual review of Courtesy Riders. 

MyEducation BC

As mentioned above, Ƶ is using the online registration process for student registration. Please follow these steps to create an account: 

  1. Click on this link:  
  2. Select BC login account and begin to prepare your registration. Please ensure you have the following information ready prior to proceeding: 
    1. Valid e-mail address.

    2. Proof of child's age and citizenship (scan or photo) - birth certificate or passport.

Important to note for parents registering their child for French Immersion at James Thomson Elementary or Brooks Secondary, pay special attention to the directions in the 'submit tab'. This is explained in the online student registration guidelines document (see link below).

Once you submit your registration, you will receive confirmation via email. Please note that acceptance is based on available space.

The Ministry of Education stipulates that parents may defer the enrolment of their child (for Kindergarten) for not more than one year.

For first time registration, follow along with this video: 

Once you have your parent portal password or are registering a student who has attended another district, follow along here: 

Lastly, you can find the


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