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Film Program

The Ƶ Film Program (formerly PRDFS) is a 20-high school credit Film Program, which runs from February to June, that offers a comprehensive, hands-on experience of professional Filmmaking. Youth from anywhere in BC can attend the program at no charge, however, Ƶ Film program is for school aged and non-graduates students. School aged being defined as U-19 on July 1st for upcoming school year. International students are accepted as well and there is also a scholarship program for out of town students living in BC.

If you're interested in the program, please fill out this .



Filmmaking involves leadership, problem solving, team work, and communication. It's about working towards a common goal working together. It’s about overcoming the lack of resources and producing creative works that answer questions, reveal information, and inspire. It’s about seeing your work presented to an audience and your ideas communicated to others.

Writing and Acting

It’s all about stories. Whether they’re on the web, in a magazine, book, government plan, or on TV, stories are what grab people by the heart. Everyone loves a story. 


Filmmaking isn't just confined to the physical world. During your enrollment at the Digital Film school, you will also get to try your hand at hand-drawn, claymation, and stop-motion animation! Animation is about letting your creative energies flow onto a truly unique canvas, and making static images come to life through the magic of motion and editing. 

Contact information: 

Tony Papa, Lead Instructor and Founder 

Email: Tony.Papa@sd47.bc.ca 

Tanya Larkin, Vice Principal & Careers Programs Coordinator

Email: Tanya.Larkin@sd47.bc.ca 

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