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District Coordinators

Our District has created a variety of roles to support instruction and collaborate with teachers. We are proud to offer the expertise of our coordinators to enhance the student experience in partnership with all our wonderful staff within the school district.

These individuals will work hand in hand with other educators to develop initiatives, programs, events, exercises and more in their area of focus. Learn a little about our team! 

Karin Westland

District Outdoor Learning Coordinator


Karin has dedicated over 20 years to Outdoor Learning, serving as an Outdoor Learning Teacher and Coordinator in Ƶ for an impressive 16-year tenure. 

Her extensive qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts in Geography and English from the University of Victoria, a Bachelor of Education in Outdoor and Experiential Education from Queens University, and a Master of Education in Outdoor and Ecological Learning, Curriculum Design, and Implementation from Simon Fraser University.

Notably, she holds certifications as an Outdoor Council of Canada Instructor, a Wilderness First Responder, and a Paddle Canada Certified Instructor. Before teaching in Powell River, Karin gained valuable experience as an educator in School District 49. Her journey as an outdoor educator commenced at the Lake of the Woods Child Development Center and the Student Conservation Association. 

Karin's impressive 20+ years of dedication to the field of Outdoor Learning, along with her extensive qualifications and certifications, highlights her commitment and expertise in this area. 

Email: Karin.Westland@sd47.bc.ca 

Find out more about the Outdoor & Ecological Learning program or visit for more information.

Karin's current offerings can be downloaded .

Calico Clark

District Literacy Coordinator


Calico brings a wealth of experience and academic background to education, with emphasis on literacy development. Her educational journey includes the successful completion of a two-year International Training Program for Literacy Coaches facilitated by ECIS (European Council for International Schools) and the attainment of a Master's degree in Education, specializing in literacy.

Calico's teaching experience spans various grades, from 3 through 6, starting in Cranbrook, BC, and extending to Datong, Chind, where she spent a year teaching English. Notably, she spent six rewarding years at the Canadian International School in Singapore, an IB accredited institution, where Calico taught Grade 4 and Grade 6, took on the role of Grade Level Lead Teacher, and served as the PYP (Primary Years Program) Curriculum Coordinator.

Adding to this diverse portfolio, Calico also taught Grades 2 and 3 at Henderson Elementary School in Ƶ. Beyond the classroom, Calico has actively contributed to professional development by facilitating sessions for Ƶ and presenting at the BCTELA (B.C. Teachers of English Language Arts) Conference.

Her commitment to literacy education extends to consultancy work, where Calico has had the privilege of advocating for literacy at SJK (St.John's Kilmarnock School) in Ontario. In her most recent career move, she joined the team as a teacher consultant. Her role entails conducting workshops during Professional Development days, both in physical and virtual settings, and providing teacher consultancy services to assist districts throughout the province. 

Calico's journey is marked by a dedication to enhancing literacy in education, and she looks forward to continuing this mission to positively impact the field of education.

Email: Calico.Clark@sd47.bc.ca 

Annita Molenaar 

District Numeracy Coordinator


Annita completed her Bachelor's degree in Mathematics Education in Amsterdam. She spent a significant six-year tenure as a math teacher at Montessori Lyceum in Amsterdam, refining her teaching skills and nurturing her passion for mathematics.

Following her immigration to Canada, Annita embarked on a diverse teaching journey. She worked as a Teacher Training On Call (TTOC) and undertook teaching contracts in various locations, including Vernon, Haida Gwaii, and Powell River, with a focus on math education.

Annita has dedicated approximately 12 years of her career to teaching mathematics in elementary schools. Through this time, her commitment to professional growth has remained unwavering. Her active involvement in the Island Numeracy Network has enriched her understanding of the latest developments and trends in math education.

In her role as a math educator, Annita combines her intentional teaching experiences and ongoing learning to inspire young minds and promote a deep appreciation for mathematics among her students.

Email: Annita.Molenaar@sd47.bc.ca 

Angela Young

District Indigenous Education Coordinator


Angela holds a Bachelor of Arts in History and English, a Bachelor of Education, and a Master of Education with a focus on Indigenous Education. Over the span of her 20+ year career, Angela has been grateful to learn with and from Elders and knowledge holders in the Northwest Territories and BC, and deeply appreciates their patience and teachings. Her family moved to the qathet region in 1986 when her father got transferred with the RCMP and her mother is a retired Kindergarten teacher who taught at Edgehill and Henderson. Angela graduated from Max Cameron Secondary in 1991 and after living in the Northwest Territories for many years, she moved back to the qathet region with her partner Sophie.

Throughout her career, Angela has had a multifaceted impact. She has served as a high school teacher, instructing in English and Social Studies, and worked as an Indigenous Literacy teacher in elementary and middle schools. Angela's dedication to education extended to board office level roles, Angela was the K-12 Literacy Coordinator in the Northwest Territories, Beaufort Delta and an Indigenous Education Curriculum Coordinator in SD62 Sooke. 

Additionally, Angela has also worked at the Ministry level, where she was a Coordinator in the Indigenous Languages and Education Secretariat in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

She offers support for the classroom, specifically around curriculum and instruction through a co-designed and co-taught approach with the classroom teacher and čɛpθtan (Cultural Support Workers), centering the First Peoples Principles of Learning. She models lessons, co-teaches, and facilitates the inclusion of resource people and knowledge keepers.

Email: Angela.Young@sd47.bc.ca 

Caroline Hoekstra

District Mental Health Coordinator


Caroline has dedicated the past two decades to the field of education, with the majority of her career spent in the qathet region. She earned her undergraduate degree in elementary education from the University of Victoria and later pursued a Master's degree in Leadership from the University of Calgary. Throughout her extensive teaching journey, Caroline has consistently prioritized her students' well-being. Her primary goal has always been to foster a classroom culture characterized by acceptance, support, curiosity, and kindness.

Caroline has accumulated a wealth of experience working with children in various supportive roles, often in smaller group settings. These roles have afforded her invaluable opportunities to enhance her skills and knowledge in mental health literacy. She has undertaken a diverse range of courses related to topics such as challenging behaviours, mindfulness, self-regulation, and mental health literacy.

In her current role, Caroline's goal is to support teachers in their learning and teaching in the area of mental health. While the precise details of her delivery methods and programming are still in development, she eagerly anticipates the journey alongside educators and assisting students in acquiring tools and strategies to enhance their mental well-being.

Email: Caroline.Hoekstra@sd47.bc.ca 

Joel Nordman

Applied Design Skills & Technology Innovator 


Joel has a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Victoria and is a licensed professional engineer. He has worked as an engineer since 2003, most recently as a project/process engineer at the paper mill in town until September 2022.

He is currently working collaboratively with the Careers, Trades and Transitions Vice Principal to establish ADST opportunities for Ƶ students. The ADST opportunities range from string art, to building flashlights, to generating energy with wind turbines, and racing student-built gravity cars. All activities include resources, supplies, safety chats and are supported face to face in class with the student's teacher and support staff.

Email: Joel.Nordman@sd47.bc.ca

Willow Dunlop 

District Sexual Health Education Coordinator


Willow Dunlop is a settler of European descent who grew up here, an uninvited guest on the lands of the Tla'amin people. After graduating from Brooks Secondary, she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Humanities at Simon Fraser University. Later, she returned to complete a Bachelor of Education in teaching secondary English at the same institution. During her 13 years in Vancouver, her work included serving as a youth support worker, working as an education coordinator for YouthCO, and being a teacher-on-call with the Vancouver Board of Education. Willow also spent many summers returning to qathet to support youth programming run by Terracentric Coastal Adventures. She was thrilled to come back to Brooks Secondary in 2011 to teach full time.

Willow's current roles within the District include teaching English First Peoples 10, serving as the District Lead for the SOGI 123 Network, and providing K-12 Sexual Health Education programming, both directly and by supporting classroom teachers. In addition to her degrees from Simon Fraser University, Willow completed a five-month training and year-long practicum as part of Options for Sexual Health's Sexual Health Educator Certification (SHEC) program.

In her role as K-12 Sexual Health Educator, Willow is open to collaborating with any Ƶ teacher for consultation or to connect them with current resources, including access to her professional website. While her direct teaching is not intended to replace the role of classroom teachers in delivering PHE curriculum related to sexual health, she provides a series of sessions throughout the year to enhance learning. The majority of these direct teaching sessions target cohorts at Grade 5 and Grade 9, which are significant periods of developmental transition. Booking sessions with Willow is easiest through her self-serve bookings website, but emails are always welcome.

Email: Willow.Dunlop@sd47.bc.ca 

Vanessa Sparrow

District Food Literacy Coordinator


Vanessa Sparrow is the Coordinator of Ƶ's Food Literacy Program, which was initiated in 2019 to deliver hands-on, seed-to-plate learning for elementary school students in the region.

Vanessa holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Western Australia, a Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling from Curtin University, and a Master of Public Health with a specialization in health education and community development from the University of New South Wales. 

Additionally, she earned a Master of Arts in Geography, with a focus on environmental sustainability from the University of British Columbia. It was while there that she spent 5 years as a volunteer garden mentor with UBC Farm's school gardening program, igniting a passion for working with young people to grow food and steward the land.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of food security and food skills education, Vanessa's career highlights include 6 years as the Coordinator of the Young Adult Community Kitchen, where she guided individuals in nutrition and food preparation, and 5 years as a Coordinator of the Food Security Project in Powell River.

Vanessa is currently in her 6th year as the Food Literacy Program Coordinator, where she provides garden-based education and cooking programs across all Ƶ elementary schools. Doing this work has enabled her to reconnect with her farming roots while sharing her passion for growing and eating healthy, fresh food with school children - a dream come true!

Email: Vanessa.Sparrow@sd47.bc.ca  

Ryan Barfoot

District Sustainability Coordinator


Ryan Barfoot holds a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Geography from the University of Victoria, a Bachelor of Education degree with a specialization in Outdoor and Experiential Learning from Queens University, complemented by a Master of Education in Curriculum Development and Implementation from Simon Fraser University.

His academic journey has been dedicated to exploring transformative education, contemporary Rites of Passage, and the development of place-based and ecological learning environments. Ryan has successfully designed and implemented programs for numerous organizations across North America including Parks Canada and the National Parks Service as well as the BC Ministry of Education and local school districts. Currently, he serves as the BC Director for the and is a co-founder of , further contributing to the field of outdoors, environmental, and sustainability education.

Email: Ryan.Barfoot@sd47.bc.ca 

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