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Outdoor & Ecological Learning


Our outdoor programs and initiatives provide students with place-based learning opportunities that work to develop their understanding of themselves within a greater culture and ecological context. We focus on providing students with the necessary skills to deeply engage with the world – the ocean, lakes, forests and mountains of the region are the classroom.

Our programs and initiatives facilitate opportunities for inquiry and reflection on personal choices as well as the relationship between society, economy, culture, and the environment.

Discover more about our Programs:

Coast Mountain Academy (CMA) Grade 12 is a semester of leadership, adventure, and outdoor skills. Explore kayaking, rock climbing, and Eco-Adventure camp planning.

The Leadership Ecology Adventure Program (LEAP) Grades 9-11 is a 9-day outdoor leadership course focusing on canoeing, sailing, and environmental awareness.

Career Education for Green Economy (CLE 10 & CLC 12) is a remarkable way for students to complete their Career Education in a fun, engaging and provincial context to prepare them for the future.


Discover more about our Initiatives:

Our school district is committed to promoting outdoor learning and ecological understanding through various initiatives. The Outdoor Learning Scope and Sequence provides students with annual outdoor experiences enriched with teacher resources. Our Resource Spotlight Series highlights outdoor learning tools to support educators, and Grab and Go Bins offer outdoor learning materials for grades K-6, accessible at the or school grounds. 

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Contact: outdoors@sd47.bc.ca for more information or if you have any questions.

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