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Help Invest Now Towards a Safer-School .

This site is supported by:

Brooks Secondary School -

This Site provides students, parents and community with a way to provide our school principals, or counsellors with information about unsolved crimes, racisim, bullying, harassment, vandalism, possession of weapon, substance abuse or threats of physical violences without becoming directly involved.

This is to encourage the anonymous observer to help keep Brooks Secondary Safe. If you would like to speak with an Principal, or counsellor, the opportunity is available on the bottom of the report.  Please fill the form out completely. 


If you are sending a tip through and you want to be contacted please leave your name or student number.

When leaving a tip be sure if possible to put the victims name in the details.

To continue to report please fill the form to the right, otherwise close this form.

please note that it is considered a school code of conduct violation to report false information.

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